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Free Lifetime Diamond Warranty

At Diamond Shop, we take immense pride in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our fine jewelry offerings. As a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction, we are pleased to introduce the Diamond Shop Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty and Complimentary Cleaning Services.

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

Our Pledge to Excellence: At Diamond Shop, we stand firmly behind the quality of our jewelry. Our Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty assures you that all our jewelry items are free from manufacturing defects for the entire lifespan of the product. If you suspect a manufacturing defect in your item, we encourage you to return it to us for a comprehensive inspection.

Our Resolution: Upon inspection, should we identify any damage attributed to a manufacturing defect, we will take appropriate action, including repair or, if necessary, replacement of the item. In cases where the original item is no longer available, we retain the right to replace it with a comparable item or issue a refund equal to the original item’s selling price.

Other Scenarios: If our inspection determines that the damage is not related to a manufacturing defect, we will promptly notify you. In such instances, we will discuss the availability of repair services at a cost or propose alternative solutions.

Appreciating Natural Characteristics: It’s essential to recognize that minor irregularities and variations in craftsmanship or natural characteristics, such as internal inclusions in colored gemstones, are unique and contribute to the distinctiveness and charm of each piece. These characteristics are not considered defects but rather integral aspects of your jewelry’s appeal.

Complimentary Cleaning and Inspection Services on Diamond Rings

Preserving the Beauty: To safeguard the brilliance and longevity of your diamond ring, we recommend regular cleaning and inspections every six months or after any potential incidents. Routine inspections can help prevent stone loss and extend the life of your cherished jewelry.

Our Offer: Diamond Shop offers complimentary cleaning and inspection services exclusively for our diamond ring customers. You are only responsible for the shipping cost to us, while we cover the return shipping. If your ring requires any repairs to its mounting during this service, applicable costs will be discussed.


Conditions and Exclusions

Coverage Eligibility: The Manufacturer Warranty and Complimentary Services are exclusively available to the individual who purchased the covered product from Diamond Shop.

Third-Party Services: Please note that any maintenance, repair, resizing, or other services conducted by parties other than Diamond Shop will void your Manufacturer Warranty.

Normal Wear and Tear: Fine jewelry, particularly rings, experiences regular wear, activities, and occasional impacts. We do not provide warranties for damage resulting from normal wear, product loss, stone loss, or theft. Furthermore, damage or loss arising from the neglect of essential repairs to maintain product integrity is not covered.

Examples of Non-Covered Issues: Common jewelry issues that do not qualify as manufacturing defects include discoloration due to exposure to chemicals or makeup, gradual wear of prongs and precious metals, worn-out prongs, and stone loss due to chipping or breaking from normal wear or other damage.

Customer Care

At Diamond Shop, your satisfaction remains our top priority. If you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated Customer Care team is readily available to assist you through Live Chat, telephone at 1-808-7289966, or Additionally, you can explore our comprehensive FAQ section for quick responses to common inquiries.

Thank you for choosing Diamond Shop, where exceptional quality, value, and customer service converge to provide you with the finest in fine jewelry.

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