Ring Size Guide

Finding the perfect ring size is essential to ensure your jewelry from Diamond Shop fits comfortably and looks stunning on your hand. To help you determine your ideal ring size, we have prepared this comprehensive ring size guide.

Measuring Your Ring Size

Method 1: Measure an Existing Ring

  1. Select a ring that you currently wear on the same finger for which you intend to purchase a new ring.

  2. Place the ring on a ruler and measure the inside diameter from edge to edge.

  3. Use the chart below to determine your ring size based on the diameter measurement.

Method 2: Measure Your Finger

  1. Cut a strip of paper or use a piece of string.

  2. Wrap it around the base of the finger where you plan to wear your ring.

  3. Mark the point where the paper or string overlaps.

  4. Measure the length from the end to the marked point.

  5. Refer to the chart below to find your ring size based on the circumference measurement.

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